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Book an appointment for a specialist's consultation on women's health. Better understand your symptoms, decode lab test results and get answers on concerning health questions.

Find out more about your fertility status, pregnancy planning, post-partum recovery, hormonal imbalance, thyroid or metabolic conditions or menopausal body changes.
Online or Offline
Choose the right specialist for your needs
General Practitioner (GP)
General health concerns, routine check-ups. GP providеs personalized guidance on preventive measures and lifestyle adjustments to promote long-term well-being.
Basic health care questions and consultation on Diagnio Kit usage.
Keep up your mental and emotional well-being by addressing stress, anxiety, postpartum or other concerns.
Reproductive health and fertility issues. How to effectively manage menopause symptoms, and maintain hormonal balance.
Maintaining optimal nutrition for overall health and body shape. Provide dietary planning tailored to various life stages, including pregnancy, lactation, and menopause.

How It Works in 4 Easy Steps

Choose your Specialist
Browse one that meets your needs.
Whatever you want to talk about: your health in general or check lab test results.
Book an Appointment
Сhoose a convenient сonsultation format offline or online and a suitable time
See the Specialist
Discuss the issues that concern you
Receive Postconsultation Report
Get your personalized recommendations
Check your hormone levels in advance
Explore 5 specially designed test packages, each aimed to provide in-depth insights into your health and wellness
Fast, easy and non invasive ovulation test kit. Get accurate results from the privacy of your home with just a drop of saliva
At Home Lab Tests
Diagnio Test Kit
Our Partners
Diagnio is a booking platform to simplify and streamline the lab testing process.
All tests are collected by licensed home collection partners and done by certified laboratories.
Diagnio also facilitates appointments with healthcare providers for consultations and follow-ups.
Navigating your health journey post-test results? Seeking expert guidance to interpret your medical data and make informed decisions? Enter Diagnio health consultation services with healthcare providers, tailored to support your unique health needs.

Conveniently engage in discussions about your test outcomes with qualified healthcare professionals from the comfort of your home or clinic visits. Whether delving into hormone levels, thyroid function, or vitamin status, our consultations deliver personalized healthcare advice to address your specific health concerns.

Are you ready to prioritize your well-being? Book your consultation today and begin your path to achieving optimal health.
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