Nurse Consultation
A nurse can provide guidance on the correct use of Diagnio ovulation test, ensuring accurate and reliable results. They can explain how to interpret the test readings and offer tips for optimal timing and usage.
Online - AED 39
What you can discuss with Nurse
  • How do I correctly use different ovulation and pregnancy tests?
  • Can you help me track the best times to take these tests?
  • How to use Diagnio ovulation test Kit?
  • Can you explain how to interpret Diagnio ovulation test results?
Why Diagnio?
We are experts in women's hormonal & reproductive health.
Accredited Specialists
Consult with accredited and experienced healthcare providers for comprehensive insights into your lab test results.
Quick Feedback
Receive swift guidance from our specialists based on your test results, with options for both online and offline consultations.
Convenient Scheduling
Book your consultation at a time that suits you, with options for both online and offline clinic visits.
Your test results and personal data are safeguarded by advanced security protocols, guaranteeing access for your eyes only.
We believe everyone should have access to essential health information. Maintain you privacy and comfort at a fraction of cost.
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